Our products

Our own production of trims and moulding and universal profiles for the automotive industry,

uses any raw material requested by the market.

We work in the motorcycle and motorbike market as well as the nautic one. We have a full catalogue for these markets.
Owning and running machinaries allow us to produce on design a specific set of products.

Our products are subjected to an extensive testing and quality check program before sending out and delivery.

For any product enquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact us

A selection of universally applicable profiles, produced in foam, rubber, with hot-melt and tape, to meet the markets’ needs.

We offer a wide range of all kind of trims and mouldings available on the market, from original parts to manufactured development, with every kind of material.

Our offer covers different universal clips, spacers and fasteners of high quality to provide the best position of trims
and mouldings, according to the different kinds and models.

A range of installation and cutting tools, as well as glass repair systems and polishing products, directed to the replacement’s industry.